Cold and Dry

March 6th, 2012

Good news, everyone! I got access to my camera phone pictures again! Although I ordered a USB bluetooth receiver for my computer, it was shipped from China (see the screenshot below), and estimated to take a full month to arrive. However, now it appears it will be here imminently (unless the package has to be de-contaminated for a full month). Not bad for a $2.50 part with free shipping!

Shipping history

From Huangzhou, China to Somerville, MA in only 8 days!

A few days ago, I saw a guy riding on Cambridge Street downtown who had lights in his shoe covers! They flashed with about a 2 second period (1 second on, one second off). They weren’t especially bright, but it’s a pretty cool idea. You can see the lights on his ankle in the picture.

Light up feet

This man had shoes that flashed!

Also, Hubway is definitely landing! There are now (empty) stations at Government Center and Charles Circle. The media reports that Somerville, Cambridge, and Brookline will all be getting stations this summer, which is very exciting! I’m going to bet, however, that given the winter precipitation (“snow”) last week, the system manager will be waiting a few weeks to put in the bikes.


It seems we’re back to winter today, with a temperature of 22 in the morning. I wore the Nutcase helmet, which kept my head warm. I had on Polypro Pearl Izumi gloves, which left my hands a little cold. (Still haven’t found my other warm glove.) Otherwise, a fine commute. Last night was windy: one should always know in Boston that lots of wind means either a thunderstorm (in the summer) or serious cold (in the winter).

Temperature: 22 degrees

Road condition: Dry

Clothing: Heavy winter coat, light Pearl Izumi gloves, Timberland shoes.

Comfort: Warm everywhere except perhaps my chin and hands. The riding kept me warm.

3 Responses to “Cold and Dry”

  1. Phil Lindsay Says:

    I wished I had my sheep skin mittens on this morning for sure. For the chin I would recommend a wool or cashmere scarf. You can pick up one up at Goodwill for $4. Boomerangs in JP had a huge display of them for $2-14… I swear by a scarf as a most useful tool to keep warm while riding. Make sure it’s wool or cashmere though as the synthetic ones freeze up when they get wet and then it’s like wearing an icicle around your neck…

  2. cycler Says:

    Definitely chilly toes and fingers this morning- thought I was done with the heavy gloves.

    The rumor was that Hubway was going to start up on the 1st, but for obvious reasons that didn’t happen. They’ve been purposely vague about a “start date” to give themselves more flexibility. I’m skeptical about Brookline actually coming online this summer as it evidently takes 4-6 months to build the bikes after they place the order, and it sounds like they _just_ voted to approve the money, which means they’ve still got to sign the contract and place the order.

    The light up booties are nice- you should check out my pedalite pedals, which are seriously bright- eyecatching even in daylight;

  3. William Says:

    On a day like this I wear some slightly ridiculous Outdoor Research Meteor water/wind-proof shell mittens over my full-finger cycling gloves. I don’t have any trouble using using my brakes or trigger shifters on my flat bar bike. If it’s above freezing I tend to sweat a little, but the mittens have “idiot cords” so I can just pull them off and let them dangle while I climb hills.

    Then again, I have generally cold hands.

    @Phil: For the neck I wear a smartwool neck gaiter. Works great without the bulk of a scarf and I can pull it up over my face or even wear it as a headband.

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