Today was another one like the rest: 43 degrees, sunny, dry. Now that I’m at work without my rain pants, I see the weather says “rain” today. It seems like it may stop by the ride home, but that trip may be messy nonetheless. I took it slow because, well, that’s how I felt.

Clothing: Heavy winter coat, wool gloves, Timberland shoes, messenger bag.

There’s an interesting phenomenon after championship games, such as we had yesterday: there’s much less traffic on the road. You may recall yesterday I observed light traffic, but attributed it to an earlier commute time; the trip home was also quite light. On the other hand, the drivers last night were just plain awful. At Charles Circle (by the MGH T Stop), a biker in front of me got yelled at by illegal cross traffic. I had the satisfaction of yelling at him (the driver). Plenty of dangerous cutting off to urgently park in the bike lane was observed. For what it’s worth, back at my usual (tardy) commute time, today had lighter traffic as well.

The more I blog, the more I wish I had a camera on my bike so I could liven up this site. However, I’m also very lazy, and probably wouldn’t use it…

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  1. PHF Says:

    Ahhh Camera’s – now there is a good idea.

    You’ll remember that commotion on mass ave last year, when the driver stopped and was filmed abusing a cyclist. The camera came in useful to record the action and for the eventual police followup.

    I, along with many other cyclists in Boston use a camera. Mine is always on and recording, as you never really know when you’ll need to defend yourself.

    A few you could try:

    GoPro.. probably the most common, but looks like a small toaster when mounted on your helmet. Cheap enough ($300) to buy two, one front and back, but I think that’s overkill.

    ContourHD – similar to the GoPro, but looks more like a helmet cam. Also comes with a GPS option.

    VIO POV.HD – IMO the best as the actual camera head is tethered, so smaller and less conspicuous. But about double the price at $600. Having used all three I’d say the VIO is the best in terms of quality (video & audio) and durability.

    And, one last point. All those people who tell you that you can’t video other people or cops in Mass should be ignored. They will crow about ancient wiretap laws that refer to the “secret” use of recording equipment. The word “Secret” is vital here – I would challenge anyone to a debate about how ‘secret’ a helmet-cam is.

  2. Weather Guy Says:

    Thanks for the tips! “Helmet cameras” aren’t exactly something you find a lot of guides and comparisons on, so it’s nice to have someone who’s tried a few.

    After a few close calls last year, I really wished I had one, but, unfortunately, I’m not committed enough to drop $300 on a helmet cam (and too vain for the helmet cam aesthetic).

    I’d be happy with a really cheap setup that I could put on my handlebars and be able to snap a shot here and there for the purpose of blogging.

  3. Weather Guy Says:

    PS There’s a article on helmet cams (for skiing) up today. They seem to cover the same brands as PHF did:

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