I got the Blaze 1-Watt Dynamo Light this week, and got to installing it last night. Wowza! Dynamo lighting is everything I imagined, and more! (Well, it’s pretty cool, anyway.) I had it on while riding in this morning, and definitely noticed the extra drag; once I switched the light off, I could feel a little boost going up the Longfellow Bridge.

I’m still waiting for more inspiration on my homemade light; now that I have a baseline light for comparison, it should be a little easier to push myself to finish it up. I think for iteration 1, I will just attach a 350 mA buckpuck (cheating, I know), and save stand lights and voltage doublers for another time. I may also rely on some tool help to get the mounting for the light all set up.

Weather and Clothing

The beautiful conditions this morning call for a “fair weather” tag on this post. It was definitely on the lower end temperature-wise, but I could have gone down to a spring jacket and been quite happy (with gloves). With a high of 54, the day today is undeniably good for biking.

Temperature: 41

Road Condition: Mostly dry, still wet on the Longfellow Bridge for some reason.

Clothing: Heavy winter coat, EVO gloves, Timberland shoes

Comfort: I didn’t zip the coat, and I was still pushing the upper limits of comfort. Tomorrow will call for some lighter clothing (and rain).

I’m back on my commuter bike, with only a back rack (the horror!), although I rarely load anything onto it aside from panniers. Last night I switched back to my 3-season tires and ditched the studs, which will have to wait a while to see some ice.

6 Responses to “Dynamo Light; Spring Returns, Again”

  1. cycler Says:

    If you’re thinking of getting a generator tail light, I just learned that B&M has started to make a “braking” tail light, that flashes brighter when you slow down (it responds to the drop in power coming from the dynamo when the front wheel starts to slow down.
    If I needed a tail light, I’d definitely get this one, as it’s a super cool idea. Peter White in NH carries them, Probably Harris too, although they’re not on the website, so call before you go.

  2. Weather Guy Says:

    That’s a really cool feature! The tail lights are cheaper than I expected, actually. (Many of the headlight options, too.)

    I picked up a used B&M Seculite Plus in the parts bin at Broadway Bikes last week. It may be residing in said bin because it is dead, but who knows? Stay tuned.

  3. Mark Says:

    The B&M Securelite Plus is a very nice light, for the connectors you’ll need to talk to Harris, peter White, Longleaf, or other B&M dealer to get the impossible to find 3mm(?) connector.

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  5. cycler Says:


    I bought my connectors from Harris (bought a ton because they’re cheap and easy to mess up. However I’m pretty sure you can get similar at Radio Shack, and many of the B&M lights have push-to-connect terminals as well, which are easier short term, but harder to disconnect if you ever need to.

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